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~Social Sanction~

When one has committed a crime, he/she may be not only imposed a penalty according to the criminal proceedings but also face undreamed of sanction such as that it becomes difficult for the person concerned to return to work or he/she receives social bashing as exposed the crime.

Once one got detained due to arrest or detention, he/she will be cut off from outside. Soon after arrest, the suspect is not able to contact with office or school by him/herself. Term of physical restraint due to arrest and detention will continue for up to 23 days until prosecuted. After prosecution, the accused may not get out of the detention facilities for another 2 months if request for bail is not accepted. An interview with outside persons may be permitted only within a time limit. While it is possible to contact with office or school through the family, at worst there is a possibility of punitive dismissal or withdrawal from a school if unexpected absence without permission continues for a long time.

It is desirable to avoid being fired from work or kicked out of school as much as possible while these disposals depend on the employment or school regulations. That would be the major preoccupation for the one who got arrested or detained. Therefore, the one thing that’s more important than anything else is to release a person in costody or under detention as early as possible.


 AICHI Criminal Cases Law Firm takes defence activites to release at the early stage and be committed to return to daily life as early as possible.


~Specific Defense Activities Not for Work Place or School To Know About Case~

When one has committed a crime, in most cases the out-of-contact with office or school because of physical restraint due to arrest or detention causes them to get known about the case. Then, a lawyer personally negotiates with the investigative authority requesting for early calming of the case andurges it to release the suspect or accused.

Moreover, in cases where there is the victim, it is difficult to free the suspect or accused early without out-of-court settlement with the victim.

News report by media usually get information from the investigative authority. Thus, a lawyer carefully explains the demerits suffered by report and publication of the case and works on to the police officers or public prosecutors not to report or make public the case. In add, when it is impossible to avoid reporting, a lawyer pays attention to the content of the media report: whether it is excessive or incorrect without any grounds, and asks the media to correct or remove the content.


If Office or School Got Known About Case

If office or school got known about the case, it seems that one would worry about whether he/she can return to office or school. Especially when one got arrested or detained with a case that he/she knows nothing about, it is too terrible that the person cannot help but leave office or school because he/she contested the case and could not get out of a detention cell for a long time. Even though it is true that one has committed a crime, in proportion to the treatment in accordance with the criminal proceedings undue disposition may be imposed. For example, regardless of having gotten non-prosecution, one may be dismissed because the office did not understand it.

To prevent such situation from occurring, a lawyer, on behalf of the person him/herself or the family, gives an appropriate explanation about the case to the office or school, and persuades them not to take unduly heavy measures.

While a disposition depends on the employment or school regulations, the office or school cannot easily dismiss someone from office or school. A lawyer supports for those who are/were detained to return to office or school smoothly by expressing an opinion from legal point of view.

AICHI Criminal Cases Law Firm provides with the first consultation with a lawyer at no charge. If you worry about a case, please consult with us.

Lawyers who specialize in criminal and juvenile cases personally provide for “free consultation” and give appropriate and effective advice to avoid a public revelation as much as possible.

In cases where the suspect got arrested, we also provide with “the first interview service” that our lawyers go where the suspect is, the earliest on the same day.




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