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Thank you for viewing the website of AICHI Criminal Cases Law Firm LPC.

AICHI Criminal Cases Law Firm LPC., since its establishment, has conducted criminal defense in a large number of criminal and juvenile cases to hold out the hand to those who have a trouble in a criminal or juvenile case as a law firm specializing in criminal and juvenile cases. Due to such specialization, our firm has lots of lawyers who have rich experience and performance in the field and excellent skill to defend.

As for criminal cases, various types of crimes are newly established with the times, and it is expected that a new criminal justice system will be introduced in recent years. AICHI Criminal Cases Law Firm LPC. spares no effort in studying hard to deal with appropriately law amendment and new judicial system.

Someone might think that it would be kind of difficult to consult or ask a lawyer so that they hesitate to do so. However, it sometimes can be dangerous that a person who does not have an expertise in criminal and juvenile cases decides on a prospect of a case. Because the investigation carried by the investigative authorities is not be out in public, it is not impossible that the police come to you and arrest you without any notification. We, AICHI Criminal Cases Law Firm LPC., places importance on a sense of ordinary people and serves sincerely consulters and clients so that they can consult and ask our lawyer with an easy mind.

We all devote ourselves to conduct defense to achieve the best result, whatever case it is, complied with the wishes of our consulters and clients. If you want an expeditious and appropriate criminal defense, please leave it up to AICHI Criminal Cases Law Firm LPC.

AICHI Criminal Cases Law Firm LPC. Representative of Lawyers Riu NORITAKE





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