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If you are not able to come to our office, we also provide you with legal consultation on the phone.

It is hard to imagine that the situation will change for the better without doing anything in a criminal or juvenile case. Not to regret later, it is important to consult a lawyer early and respond appropriately.

AICHI Criminal Cases Law Firm LPC. provides the first legal consultation for free. We provide 24-hour consultation even during the weekends and national holidays including the night. In a case of emergency, it is possible to have a consultation right after calling. As far as criminal and juvenile cases concerned, it does not matter if the party of the case is arrested or detained. There are no limitations on the contents of consultations if the consultation is related to criminal or juvenile case.

You can consult on anything including the flow of the criminal or juvenile procedures, the prospect of criminal punishment, the way to deal with interrogations, anxiety or worry, questions. We provide a consultation not only to the person concerned but also the family, friends, people at work, or anyone.

The investigative authorities initiate an investigation before taking a step of arrest and get to work on interrogation immediately after arrest. Especially from arrest to detention, unfavorable written statements are often made. Therefore, it is of significance to receive advice from a lawyer as soon as possible. If the suspect got arrested, it is very important to conduct defense within 48 hours after arrest to release the suspect early. In a case of arrest or appearance to the police station in a criminal or juvenile case, please contact AICHI Criminal Cases Law Firm LPC. which specializes in criminal and juvenile cases as soon as possible.


【Flow of Legal Consultation】

  1. First, please dial 0120-631-881 (toll-free).
    Our expert staffs hear the summary of the contents of consultation from you in advance and make a consultation reservation after making arrangement of the date and time.
    We observe strict secrecy of the case information and personal information. The secret never leaks out.
  2. You have a legal consultation with our lawyer with the expertise in criminal and juvenile cases on the reserved date at the reserved place.
    ※Our lawyer personally responds, so the consultation information is strictly kept and never leaks out.


【Q&A on Free Legal Consultation and On-site Consultation】

1. Can I consult on holidays?

Yes. AICHI Criminal Cases Law Firm LPC. provides legal consultations on Saturdays, Sundays, and national holidays.


2. Can I consult soon?

Yes. AICHI Criminal Cases Law Firm LPC. provides legal consultations within 24 hours after receiving a call in a case that the consulter is in a hurry. If the schedule of our lawyer is available, you can have consultation soon after hearing the circumstances on the phone.


3. Can I consult even though I already have a counsel?

Yes. AICHI Criminal Cases Law Firm LPC. also provides legal consultations for free as second opinion. After consulting, you can appoint our lawyer as your counsel if you want him to conduct defense for you.


4. Can I ask lawyer to conduct defense soon?

Yes. AICHI Criminal Cases Law Firm LPC. takes a case immediately after legal consultation if the case is emergency or the consulter requests for expeditious defense. If the client has a difficulty in coming to our office, we handle it with transfer into bank account, so please contact us by phone.


5. Should I bring anything for legal consultation?

If you have the materials regarding criminal or juvenile case such as evidence that shows the contents of the case, photos of the site, list of seized articles, charging sheet, etc.) If you ask the lawyer to conduct defense after legal consultation, you need a seal, so it is better for you to bring your seal.


6. Is it possible to ask the lawyer to have an interview or accompany to the police station immediately?

Yes. We offer the first interview service to those who are in custody. AICHI Criminal Cases Law Firm LPC. provides the first interview service or accompanying service to the police station within 24 hours after receiving a call.


7. Can I pay legal fee in installments?

Yes, depending on the terms. Feel free to ask us.




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