First interview and accompanying service

First Interview / Accompanying Service   from 33,000 yen


In a criminal or juvenile case, a quick response is a key for early and peaceful solution of the case.

If your family or friend got arrested, you might become anxious. However, there is no time to debate. We recommend you consult a credible lawyer as soon as possible. Once arrested, the suspect is highly likely to be detained and keep being under custody for a long period of time. However, there is a chance to take a measure to release the suspect at each stage of the procedure. A criminal case is to be sent to a public prosecutor within 48 hours after arrest, and then the proceedings of detention is to be taken within 24 hours after sent to the public prosecutor. The earlier you ask a lawyer to start to conduct defense, the better. The longer you leave it, the lesser the chance to release the suspect becomes.

AICHI Criminal Cases Law Firm LPC. has the system to provide legal consultation and interview service immediately after a request from the clients even during weekends and at night. The investigative authorities initiate an investigation before taking a step of arrest and begin an interrogation right after arrest. Especially from arrest to detention, an unfavorable written statement is often made. Therefore, it is important for the suspect to receive advice from a lawyer as soon as possible.

Even though it is difficult to release the suspect due to the nature of the case concerned, the earlier a lawyer begins to conduct defense the better to prepare for defense in anticipation of the future trial proceedings. In case of arrest or appearance in a criminal or juvenile case, please call us as soon as possible.

AICHI Criminal Cases Law Firm LPC. provides legal consultation, interview / accompanying service even during the weekends and at night. In a case of emergency, we provide these services within 24 hours after receiving a call. As long as the schedule of our lawyers are available, you can receive consultation or interview service immediately after your request.

We promise to conduct expeditious defense appropriate to each case by specializing in criminal and juvenile cases.


【First Interview】

The first interview is a legal service for a person detained that a lawyer of AICHI Criminal Cases Law Firm LPC. goes into a detention facility to have an interview with the suspect, before making a contract.

The suspect can receive legal advice on the future prospect and how to respond interrogation by the lawyer. After the interview, the lawyer gives the client a report about the details of the case and explains the following procedure and how to deal with it. If the client wants to appoint the lawyer as a defense counsel, the lawyer explains the process of the contract and the details of the following defense.


【Accompanying Service】

The Accompanying service is a service that our lawyer accompanies a person who is going to appear before the police station, before making a contract. The lawyer, instead of the person concerned, adjust a schedule to appear before the police station with the police and go along with him or her, which gives legal support to the perpetrator, victim, and suspect with anxiety or fear.

After this service, if the client wants to receive legal service, the lawyer explains the process of the contract and its cost, and the following legal services.


【Flow of the First Interview / Accompanying Service】

  1. First, please dial 0120-631-881 (toll-free).
    Our expert staffs explain the following procedure from start to finish.
    We observe strict secrecy of the case information and personal information. The secret never leaks out.
  2. Please transfer a legal fee to the bank account written in the service guide.
    After confirming the payment, our lawyer immediately goes off to a detention facility.


【Fee for the First Interview Service / Accompanying Service】

33,000 yen 

  • Additional transportation expenses is to be paid.
  • When time required for round trip from the office to the destination exceeds 240 minutes, daily allowance for long-distance business trip: 302 yen per minute is to be incurred. The time required for round trip is calculated using “Yahoo!Route Search” by inputting the address of departure and that of destination.




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