Criminal Defense Attorneys for Intimidation of Witnesses Cases in Japan

Intimidation of Witnesses Case in Japan

Mr. A belongs to a gang group in Japan.
Mr. B also belongs to the gang group and he works under Mr. A.
Mr. B is a loyal person so Mr. A treats him like a son.
One day, Mr. B told Mr. A that he committed Extortion and he has been investigating as a suspect.
Listening to what Mr. B told, Mr. A thought that he has to get Mr. B out of trouble.
Mr. A asked Mr. B about the victim who got extorted by Mr. B.
Mr. A went to see the victim right away, and then he told the victim that he is one of the members of a gang group and demanded to withdraw a charge.
The victim got scared and did what he was told to do Mr. A.
But the police officer who is in charge of the Extortion case got suspicious and asked the victim the reason why he withdrew a charge.
The victim told what happened to him and Mr. got arrested on a charge of Intimidation of Witnesses.
The case stated above is fiction based on an actual story.
We are going to explain about Intimidation of Witnesses cases.

About Penalties and Regulations on Intimidation of Witnesses Cases in Japan

Intimidation of Witnesses becomes a violation of Penal Code.
Article 105-2 of Penal Code stipulates that a person who, in relation to his/her own criminal case or the criminal case of another person, forcibly demands without justifiable grounds a meeting with any person or intimidates any person deemed to have knowledge necessary for investigation or trial of such case, or a relative of such person, shall be punished by imprisonment for not more than 1 year or a fine of not more than 200,000 yen.
In the case stated above, Mr. A intimidated the victim and the victim withdrew a charge.
But it is not necessary for Intimidation of Witnesses to be established to do what he was told to do actually.

Criminal Defense Attorneys for Intimidation of Witnesses Cases in Japan

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