Criminal Defense Attorneys for Harboring of Criminals Cases in Japan

Harboring of Criminals Case in Japan

Ms. A works at a company in Japan and she has a boyfriend Mr. B.
Mr. B committed a burglary about 1 year ago and he has been placed on the wanted list.
As might be expected, she knows that Mr. B committed the burglary, although she did not get involved in the burglary.
Since Ms. A did not want Mr. B to get arrested by the police, she has been harboring him at her apartment.
She has been buying him foods and supplies.
Ms. A has been Mr. B’s girlfriend since before he committed the burglary.
So the police suspected that Ms. A harbors Mr. B.
Then the police arrested Mr. B on a charge of Burglary and arrested Ms. A on a charge of Harboring of Criminals.
The case stated above is fiction based on an actual story.
We are going to explain about Harboring of Criminals cases.

About Penalties and Regulations on Harboring of Criminals Cases in Japan

Harboring of Criminals becomes a violation of Penal Code.
Article 103 of Penal Code stipulates that a person who harbors or enables the escape of another person who has either committed a crime punishable with a fine or greater punishment or has escaped from confinement shall be punished by imprisonment for not more than 2 years or a fine of not more than 200,000 yen.
In the case of Ms. A, she supplied Mr. B a place to live and let him stay there.
Then Ms. A was harboring Mr. B, who committed a burglary which is “punishable with a fine or greater punishment”.
Also she was harboring Mr. B to avoid getting him arrested.
So, Harboring of Criminals can be established.

Criminal Defense Attorneys for Harboring of Criminals Cases in Japan

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